Stump Grinding

Grinding down a stump is the process where one uses a power tool, which ranges in size from a lawn mower to a car, to chip the wood into small pieces until the stump and roots are simply a hole in the ground. Now, don't get scared we will leave you with an unseemly hole to replace your once unseemly tree stump. Usually the stump grindings are used to fill the hole, otherwise known as backfill. Over the next year or two, the backfill will break down and become a part of the soil. Other options include disposing of the backfill and packing the hole with soil or even replanting a new tree for you. The process from start to finish is the simplest and fastest way to be rid of an unwanted stump.

Having an experienced professional come in with the proper equipment for the individual job contributes to why grinding down a stump is such a routine task. Some grinders may be too small for the size of stump, which makes the grinder ineffective. More importantly, you want to be sure you know what you are digging into once you start grinding down the roots as some stumps can have roots that will grow around water or gas lines. Safe to say that if a utility line is hit with a power tool, the job becomes anything but routine. With All Seasons Tree Care, we understand the importance of keeping your property looking good, and we know the tricks of the trade to do so.

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