Tree Trimming

Tree trimming serves two purposes: hazard reduction and maintenance. All Seasons Tree Care performs both services, and in each service, we aim to leave your trees visually balanced and perfectly rounded. An ISA certified arborist is your best resource to learn the proper type of pruning your tree needs to achieve its fullest appearance, best health, and highest level of safety.

Hazard reduction primarily refers to trimming off the dead and dying branches to maintain the health and safety of a tree. Without ridding a tree of those branches, the plant's health is put at risk to further decline leading to a higher chance of branches falling off and damaging the surrounding property and/or landscapes. Another form of hazard reduction is thinning out the branches on a tree. By reducing the surface area throughout a tree, especially around the treetops, you are reducing the chance that your tree(s) will be damaged during a storm. Heavy winds will have less to push against meaning less likelihood of broken branches and debris. Thinning is a good time for our experts to locate any weakened, dying, or dead branches. Remember, not all dead wood shows external signs of decay.

Maintenance pruning is needed through every stage of a tree's life. Just as good habits are important to instill into children, young trees pruned early will allow for less corrective pruning as the tree ages. For a young tree, structural pruning will control the direction the branches grow allowing your tree to have a more open and natural growth expected by that species. Structural pruning also focuses on lower branches as their growth rate matches the tree's stem. The goal is to keep the base branches proportional to the height of a tree to diminishing the chances of them breaking and falling due to weight later in life.

Depending on what your desired outcome is, our experts are here to guide and advise you through the science and tendencies of your trees. We aim to provide the greatest care and safety throughout your tree trimming experience.

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Brush Clipping

Along with tree trimming and pruning, we want to take care of the remainder of your landscape. If you have brush that needs clipping, we have the equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Ask our team how we can help with your surrounding plants and shrubs.